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Inspire Tour To Visit RVPK Tualatin

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The Inspire Tour is coming to RVPK Tualatin! Join us for Parkour training games, team challenges, Q & A with the athletes, and an all around good community jam!

Inspire Tour aims to create an atmosphere where creativity and self expression can flow. "Comprised of athletes from all over the world, our hope is to share the values that we find most important…. Freedom, Community, Love, Respect, and Play."

Some of the global participants who will be joining:

Michael Flow Hartwig (USA)
Peter Teatime Kurer (USA)
Brandon Tykoon Robinson (USA)
Kane Brueggert (USA)
Ian Christenson (USA)
Kyle Ferkans (USA)
Kevin Ryser (Switzerland)
Sylvain Richoz (Switzerland)
Christian Sick (Germany)
Fynn Kowaliczynopriskayaski (Germany)
Marco Ramos (Chile)
Leandro Antonio Ramos Diaz (Chile)
Valentina Andrea Ramos Diaz (Chile)
Gianni Duarte Guerrero (Chile)