Niko on Fitness

Does fitness have a place in Parkour?

Absolutely! The idea behind parkour is to move efficiently and navigate a path efficiently; if you don’t have the strength or endurance to last very long your path will be short. Fitness is not just being physically fit, but also being healthy. This enables you to operate in a more optimal manner with greater endurance.

The Fitness for Parkour summer workshop offered this summer June 24 – June 28 seeks to provide students with the tools necessary to develop the strength, endurance, and training regime to further their skill in Parkour. Although technique is a huge component in movement; at some point a plateau will be reached where the next step can only be achieved with an increase in strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Parkour is amazing in the way that it can be done nearly anywhere, but we don’t always have the time to practice enough to get a workout. Some students also don’t feel safe practicing outside of the gym. A workshop like this enables students to overcome some of these challenges by providing them with tools to condition for Parkour when time is scarce, as well as built up the strength to be able to train outside.

The Fitness for Parkour workshop will provide students with the tools to create a regime that fits their desire for practice, as well as their time schedule. This will increase their finite body potential and enable them to achieve the level of skill they desire.

By Niko Pal, for RVPK

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