Overcoming Characteristics

In Green Lantern, Alan Scott realizes that courage doesn’t exist without fear. Courage is overcoming fear. Fear therefore is an obstacle that can be overcome. We give our students courage through progression. We progress our students through building their faith in themselves and their abilities at the same time by presenting obstacles that they can overcome and teaching them the techniques to fly over those “easy obstacles” (this is relative to the tracer but this is also why we have class levels to encourage those working on similar obstacles to work at the same time.)

A tracer overcomes doubt with hope and patience. Hope to get up that wall that you may overcome your doubt about whether or not you’ll be able to.

A tracer overcomes evil with good.

A tracer overcomes pride by humbling themselves—which is difficult but not detrimental. Otherwise they will be humbled which can be detrimental, difficult and often times painful—NOT done by an instructor or another student. It’s not our job to humble people. It will happen on its own.

There is great freedom for those who overcome obstacles!

by Matt Antis, for RVPK

Revolution Parkour