Recognizing Boundries

Sometimes obstacles are really rules to guard you from destroying yourself. Advanced tracers should be able to warn the younger tracers about rules put in place to protect them and the difference between an obstacle and a boundary. Boundaries are there for the good of each tracer and with discipline comes freedom to move past some of those boundaries. There are some boundaries that a tracer should never cross. Respect for each other comes to mind first.

Respect each other and respect your environment so that you can continue to train safely. A tracer who breaks the respect boundary might get away with it for a while but eventually they will suffer some sort of consequence. The same is true for a tracer jumping down from a 16 foot platform who has not trained on even a 6 foot platform. The difference is that one might train hard enough to break through the physical boundary (an obstacle) but one cannot ever train hard enough or know enough to be disrespectful to those around them or their training environment and get away with it.

by Matt Antis, for RVPK

Revolution Parkour