The Sale of RVPK Beaverton

The following is a record of the events that led to the sale of our gym, Revolution Parkour Beaverton.
Written by Matt Antis to encourage others and give them faith.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 - Prayer

As is my custom, I was praying in the morning at work before I started my day. I have a difficult time remembering to ‘work with all my heart, as working for the Lord’ throughout the day if I fail to spend time with the Lord at the start. I was feeling overwhelmed. I was thinking about a new vision that had been consuming my thought life (which is very active!) and was feeling overwhelmed with my current “Action List”. It was at this moment in prayer that I thought I should write everything down that needed praying for at the top of a notebook that I always carry with me. I got the notebook out and laid it before me. I had already been praying that the Holy Spirit would give me wisdom for right decision-making as many of the decisions I was about to consider could affect many people. I felt that weight. At this point, selling the gym wasn’t even on my radar.

At the top of the page I wrote the word “Preparations” and literally laughed out loud, because I never use that word (I use the word “Actions” typically, it’s more fun than “To Do”), and I laughed a second time, because I pluralized it, which felt strange at the time . So, after my logic and feelings regained focus, I started writing down my list and circling the topics at the top of the page: Home, RVPK, RVPK B., Top Secret Idea, etc.

At this point I paused and texted a bunch of people asking for prayer. My actual text, “Please pray for me, as I pray and make decisions today.” I started creating a chain of things to pray about under these topics. The phone rang. It was pastor, Bobby, from our church Anchor Christian Fellowship. He encouraged me to read Daniel Chapter 1. Bobby encouraged me to make sure that while I was making decisions, that I was trusting in God and not in man and to consider what brings honor to the Lord. He ended our conversation like this: “This is an opportunity for faith. Trust in the Lord. If peace follows, then trust the Lord.” 

I knew this (in my brain bucket), but I was about to learn what it felt like. As I was praying for wisdom and direction about the different things on my list, the Lord impressed on me the desire to pray about selling Revolution Parkour Beaverton, which I assure you was no where on my list of things to pray about and decide. It was so clear, and I had so much peace that I had to write it down on the left side of my notebook. I continued to pray through everything, then the Lord told me to go on a mini-retirement. I wrote this down as “Number 2” on my new list on the left side of my notebook. I repeated my process and the Lord gave me something else to write down: fix up house. That was “Number 3.” From this point, I would have an idea and start to write it down, but as soon as I did, I felt the Spirit say, nope that’s not “Number 4.” I kept going until I thought I had another idea...nope, and then scribbled that one out too. I did this 4 times and then the Lord very noticeably told me to focus on the three things that he gave me and that the 4th thing will come.

The 4th Thing

The idea of selling the gym was so unexpected, but because I felt this inexplicable peace that it’s what the Lord was calling us to do, I was really excited about the 4th thing. It seemed like the Lord wanted me to do something new...but what was it?? I wasn’t allowed to pray about it or rather I wouldn’t get an answer. The Lord very clearly told me that I needed to be faithful with the first 3 things: Sell RVPK Beaverton, Mini-Retirement and Fix Up House. So, I excitedly and nervously called Pastor Bobby. The Lord was talking to me! I told Pastor Bobby everything. He encouraged me to pray, fast and read Proverbs 16. I wrote “Proverbs 16” underneath my list of 3 things. He then quoted Proverbs 16:9, which I didn’t write down until later.

I was sure I heard the Lord. The idea to sell my favorite place on earth definitely didn’t come from me. I didn’t want to sell the gym! It’s like my first child, why would I sell it? The Lord would have to literally tell me to sell it to...oh, I see now. 

First Confirmation

I hung up with Bobby, and I crack open my Bible to Proverbs 16 which begins, “The preparations of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.”

I look at the right side of my notebook “preparations.” I had been writing in the Spirit. God is so good! God is moving. If there was an inkling of doubt in my mind it is now gone. Obedience is to sell the gym.

I started praying about what “mini-retirement” meant; was it like a sabbatical period, a time to travel with family? And what did “fix up house” mean? As I started to pray, the Lord was very clear. I’m not supposed to pray about those things. I’m supposed to do the things on my list in order and only pray about the one that I’m on. The Lord knows me better than I know myself, so I trust him and say in my heart, “okay.” Then the Lord in his mercy adds that he is going to prepare me to be who I need to be for “The 4th Thing” during 2 and 3, because I’m not who I need to be to do that. Wow! I’m at an outrageous level of peace.

Second Confirmation


About 5 years ago, my wife and I were speaking hypothetically about the future, and I brought up the possibility of selling the gym some time down the road. I didn’t necessarily want to, but I was just spit-balling. I’ll never forget how adamantly opposed my wife was. “Why would we sell it? It’s our second home, our livelihood, our kids are gonna grow up there.” 

Back to the present: I prayed for my wife and then called her. I told her that the Lord told me that we should sell the gym. She said... “Wow, ummm...okay”. I opened my mouth, ready to try to convince her and stopped...shocked. She said, “For some reason, when you just said that, I felt total peace about it, despite the fact that I’ve always assumed we’d own the gym our whole lives if not for a very long time.” I told her that after we put the boys to bed, we should pray together about it. So we did.

We prayed that if we are supposed to sell the gym that the Lord would give us peace. Peace flows like a gentle stream. We both trust the Lord to sell the gym. What faith my wife has!

Wednesday, May 22nd - Third Confirmation

The following day, I was slowly getting out of the house and ended up getting to work a little later than intended. I did my usual routine and then got a call at 9:44am from a buddy of mine who I had asked to pray for me the previous day. He has something to tell me. So he came over and I told him everything that happened the previous day. He was super excited for me and then laid out the news. “While I was praying for you yesterday the Lord asked me to pray that you’d have peace about selling your gym.” Are you kidding me? So cool! How amazing is that?!

Thursday, May 23rd - A Strange Request

The day after Chris visited the gym, I went to breakfast by myself to Miller’s Homestead over in the Lake Grove area. I was reading and praying, waiting for my breakfast, and the Lord suddenly tells me that I need to call Dale H., invite him to lunch and then tell him everything that’s going on.

I almost asked for a fleece on this one, I didn’t...are you sure? Yes, the Lord was sure.


You know how teachers tell stories about these stubborn, self-righteous students that they have had in the past...well, I imagine that that is/was me. Dale was the Vice-principal, my Bible teacher, spanish teacher, and basketball coach and I didn’t make his life easy.

So, I was a little nervous because I’ve seen him probably once since 2002. Turns out, we had a really good time catching up. I got to ask him about his story, one that I had heard snippets about from Tad a missionary at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship.

I then retold the amazing request that God put on me. He told me that he’s encouraged for reasons that I don’t feel at personal liberty to disclose (all good stuff, just personal.) He then told me that he didn’t know if this is why the Lord had me call him up, but he just got back from a Men’s Retreat and he met a guy who helps people sell their businesses. What are the chances? I thought.

We finished catching up, and then he sent me the information for a lawyer named Adam.

Thursday, May 23rd - The ‘Exit Strategy’ Download: Pt 1

Later that day I called Adam R. and ended up talking to his secretary who assured me that he’d call me back. I prayed that if Adam personally called me back, then I’d use his services.

I got a return call from a guy named Brian R. What a nice guy. He asked me a couple questions and then told me plainly that they typically help people sell their businesses when they are 5 million dollars and up. I’m not even close. Instead of hanging up on me though, he does something so very kind. He asks about parkour. We then talked for over an hour about what I do, the parkour gym, the advisory program, ways I could sell my gym and more information than I expected to get in a first phone call. So cool! I got the download that I needed to start putting the valuation for RVPK Beaverton together and the different offers I would make to the different interested parties. He then emailed me a list of 3 brokers who might be able to help me.

Tuesday, May 28th - 3 Brokers, Exit Strategy: Pt 2

I spent my time working on my asset valuation and deciding if I was going to include the company truck and other things that used to be personal, but the gym uses them so much I didn’t feel as if I owned them anymore. Then I called Brian again and remind him about his willingness to send me a list of brokers.  He responds within the hour with 3 names.

I prayed over them and had peace about calling Bill P. I left a message and he called me back on Tuesday, May 28th. Bill tells me that he usually works with businesses that are 1 million dollars and up, and I’m not even close, but he has a business partner, Dan T., who can call me next week.

Bill is a really nice guy and filled in some gaps from when I spoke to Brian. He also explained how a cash flow valuation works and the only thing that I was really missing out on is the rate. He threw out 2 common rates for what’s typical in my field, but it didn’t really narrow it down as much as I had hoped.

While I was waiting for his business partner Dan to call me, I started on factoring my cash flow from the last 3 years, and started creating formulas for some variables and different rates. It’s not rocket science, but by the time I speak with Dan everything is ready sans rate.

Thursday, May 30th - Exit Strategy: Pt 3

I don’t know why he did it, but Dan gave me the rate. We schedule a meeting for the following Tuesday.

Thursday, May 30th - Unexpected Lunch

I decided after talking with Dan that I was going to fast (until invited to eat) and pray, asking the Lord to give me wisdom in creating the valuation. I didn’t want to overcharge anyone, because I wanted the gym to be really successful after I left. It’s still my current favorite place on earth. Afterall, I am working a lifetime membership into the sale contract. I don’t have a lifetime membership if the gym isn’t there.

I was planning on going into work in the afternoon and then staying late, so was at my house when I got a call from my buddy Andrew Barella, who said he was off work early and wants to know what I’m up to. I suggested that we meet at Starbucks in Tualatin (I didn’t mention that I wanted to meet there because it would be easier to not be distracted by food as I was fasting.) He suggested we eat lunch at New Seasons and I rejoiced, because by his invitation my fast was now over and I could eat.

We were eating and talking when, all of a sudden, I felt the Spirit on me telling me to ask Andrew to pray about buying the gym. Andrew’s face lit up. “I should,” he says.

He went home to tell his wife, Shaina, about the opportunity.

I went to the gym and entered the new rate into my excel spreadsheet and realize that the quote that I gave Andrew was incorrect. I don’t want him to be praying over an incorrect number (especially one that is too high) and be discouraged from buying the gym. I called him and told him just that.

He told me that Shaina just told him that she had a dream last night that they were supposed to sell their house. We were both pumped, and then we had our wives figure out a time that we could all meet for dinner.

Thursday, June 6th - Dinner

One week later, we all got together for dinner at our house. After dinner we discuss the proposal and it seemed doable for them, but there were a lot of changes that would need to happen and decisions that would have to be made before they could commit. We all ended in prayer that the Lord’s peace would rest on us and that His will would be done.

Following Days

I prayed. Whitney prayed. We asked others to pray.

Tuesday, June 11th - Confirmation to be Patient

As I was praying at lunch, I needed some wisdom, and I started to read. 5 minutes in, the phone rang. It was Lloyd R.; a man of prayer who once prayed so hard that the gym I wanted to build in east Portland ended up being built all the way out in Gresham.

We spoke about other church things, and then he encouraged me and told me that the Lord favors me, and whether the gym sells to this family or to the next person, it will sell and I’ll be blessed.

I felt so blessed that I decided to write everything down. As this amazing journey unfolded, I realized that this intimacy with the Lord is only the beginning. I’m excited and nervous for what is next. In all things though, I pray that I will be working for the Lord’s Kingdom and not man’s.

Thursday, June 20th

Today we met and Andrew Barella confirmed that they were going to buy the gym. We laid out the tentative timeline and started to prepare the contract.

July 2019

Andrew and Shaina Barella are now the owners of Revolution Parkour Beaverton.

Closing Thought

It’s hard to close this chapter of our lives, to move on from something that we have loved so much that we assumed would be in our lives indefinitely. Honestly, we don’t know exactly “what’s next”, what is “Number 4”? Even if this doesn’t make logical sense to a lot of people; for us, obeying the Lord and seeking to follow His plan for our lives is the most important. We can sense His love and leading in this, so we are excited about whatever is to come. Thank you for your support, even if you don’t understand, and we will definitely be staying connected to the RVPK family!