No Mind

“No Mind” means you can perform a technique 100% of the time flowing seamlessly from point to point without needing to plan or think about individual movements. Sometimes referred to as zero mind or unconscious competence, it is the state in which you can do, without giving conscious attention. No Mind takes a long time to get to, requires a lot of conscious effort on the way and is considered a form of mastery for a given technique.

The image here is a good example of what “No Mind” isn’t. The traceur is planning his jump. There is no planning because you’ve already done the same thing thousands of times with positive results. What the traceur in the image is doing is a prerequisite to “No Mind.” You don’t get to “No Mind” in a day.

Please remember, the point of parkour does not end with mastery of techniques but instead on how you can put all of the techniques together to form an efficient line from one point to the next and with purpose.